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Cartomancy is the art of divination using playing cards. Prophecy by cards has been around for aeons and as with the Tarot there is mystery surrounding their exact origins. It's known that cards were used for prediction in ancient India where packs were divided into 10 suits, each one pertaining to an incarnation of Vishnu, the Hindu god. It is also a possibility that the use of cards for augury first began in Egypt in the times of the Pharoahs and that they were invented by an ancient Egyptian magician called Hermes Trismegistus.

We will never know the complete truth of their beginnings but what we do know for sure is that by the Middle Ages cards were widespread throughout Europe and their function as an oracle of divination and prophecy most certainly preceded their association with play and gambling. 
It seems that mankind has been looking to the Gods and the Fates for help and intervention with our personal problems since time immemorial and we in this 21st century are no different! 
The use of cards to help resolve life's difficulties and give us guidance remains as popular today as it was way back in those Middle Ages!

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Spread of the Week: Magic Star

Card 1. The nature of the problem, situation or question.
Card 2. The cause of the problem, reason for asking or point of interest.
Card 3. Factors to be considered.
Card 4.The solution, advice or comment given.
Card 5. End result or outcome.

Featured Card: 9 of hearts

The cartomancy equivalent of the Tarot's 9 of cups this playing card is also known as the "wish" or the "heart's" desire card. It is considered to be the most fortunate card in the pack.

True to its' name if you pick the 9 of Hearts you can expect a long held wish or desire to finally come true for you...with just a little effort on your part!

As this card belongs to the suit of hearts it's all about feelings, emotions, romance and family relationships. the good news is that your life generally is about to overflow with an abundance of emotional satisfaction, romantic happiness and family harmony. Life just doen't get better than this! The only downside? Beware of excessive don't want to be that "fool for love", do you?


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Numbers Behind the Cards: The Nines

Nines are about bringing situations and events to their conclusion. Their key words are: attainment, fulfillment, adaptability and progress.

To get four Nines in a reading can indicate unexpected good fortune is coming your way!

Three Nines can denote success in an enterprise or business.

Two Nines fortell eventual contentment within your life.


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